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Piano with standard tuning:

Video version
Music score
MIDI file

Harpsichord with 432 Hz tuning:

Does this evoke some emotions in you?

For me, the music touches on some of my hopes and joys. It reminds me of times when I grew up, when I looked out into the lovely hills around my home town. It gives me a wonderful combination of peace, hope and joy.

When I finished the piece, I searched Internet for a fitting picture. I put “free image lovely hills” into the search field and found this picture. It looks like the images I have in my mind.

I looked at the picture more in detail. It shows three roads. There is a main, rising road that starts in the valley, then disappears in the forest to pass in front to the house with the two windows, and finally disappears at the right of the picture. Branching off from the main road at the house there is also a country road going down to the left. And off in the distance, there is a winding road that probably targets the houses at the top of the picture.

This made me think of how I wrote this piece. How can I represent hope in my music? How can I suggest joy and peace? What combination of rising and descending tones might suggest such emotions?

Do you hear hope in this piece? Do you sense joy and peace? If so, please listen a few times more, and also have a look at the music score. It doesn't take a straight line of rising notes to reach joyful emotions. It takes various combinations of rising and falling tones, a bit like you see with the roads in the picture. Joyful emotion does not come with a straight rise to the top, it comes from complex interactions between rises and setbacks, curious windings, and many hills and valleys.

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